Driving Training, Pass your test, Devon Training
Driving Training, Pass your test, Devon Training
Devon (Driver and Rider) Training
Devon (Driver and Rider) Training

Driving Lessons

Our Grade A Driving Instructors can help you develop at your own pace, to become a safer driver.


We can help you build your confidence and skills ready for your DVSA Driving Test, as our Client Centred Learning approach helps you take responsibility and control for your learning.

Learner Driver or Refresher Training - automatic driving lessons, manual driving lessons

From your first steps in to driving up to refresher sessions for people wanting to get back in to driving.


Basic Driving lessons through to confidence building driving sessions.


Our driving Instructors can offer intensive courses as well as ongoing regular lessons.


Training is done in your own Manual car or in our Automatic car, so we have the ability to teach both or even adapt so you learn both automatic driving or manual.


So if you want to learn, have a refresher, get back in to the car or just have an update... Contact Sarah.

Currently our waiting list is full and we cannot take new ongoing/weekly learners. If you wish to have ad-hoc or individual lessons, we may able to assist you.

We are unable to take on learners who need lessons weekly.

Driving for Work or Pleasure

Do you drive or ride for work, to a from meetings or do you have employees driving or riding during work?




Employers and employees have a responsibility for driver/rider safety whilst at work.


What would happen if there was an accident? Higher insurance costs? Employee or vehicle down time? Employee Health and Safety?


You can reduce the risks through check drives / rides along with some input from fully DVSA qualified and Advanced Driving trainers. Our Driver / Rider Assessments can help you reduce your risks.


We can provide:

  • basic safety check rides/drives
  • ensure your employees meet eyesight criteria for riding or driving
  • provide feedback on safety critical issues as well as advise on improvements that can be made to limit the risk.
  • Offer training sessions to fit around your business

The UK Driving Test

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